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Fair pricing?

Halloween brings the close to October. November is the time around the shop when we give serious attention to getting ready for the coming holiday season. We have placed several large orders for new humidors ,cigar cutters, many new lighters and ashtrays. All perfect for gifting. Soon we will also have several cigar gift packs many offering discounts and free goods like lighters or ashtrays. For 20 years Virgil Ave has offered WNY  smokers the largest selection of premium cigars at the lowest retail prices. Simply put everyone sells more or less the same products from the same manufacturers. Where Virgil Avenue Tobacconist differs from the rest is on Price!  We do not adhere to manufacturers suggested pricing. Our cigars are often priced 15% below suggested retail. At Virgil we would never mark up the cost of a cigar while including the excise tax. There is NO legitimate reason retailers should be several dollars’ apart on the same exact products. Love smoking cigars and don’t appreciate being overcharged or taken advantage of ?.Tired of being told that hot new cigar you read about in a magazine or some cigar blog is not available? The reason no one can consistently  stock the latest flash in the pan product is because of extremely limited production. By the time the magazine guys tell you about it there are none to be smoked. Talk to your Tobacconist let him guide you while making your selection. No matter how good the magazine says a cigar is if you can’t purchase it at your favorite shop be patient, next week there will be a New greatest  to search for……..

Cooler weather brings the guys to Virgil ave to watch Sports. The lounge is full many nights. enjoy the World series games NFL Football on Sundays Monday and Thursday Nights. College football Saturdays and the Buffalo Sabers . The Rocky Patel lounge is open to everyone. No memberships ,cutting fees or attitude

Shop WNY’s #1  Cigar retailer this Holiday season! Enjoy exceptional customer service choose from thousands of brands and sizes pay the lowest retail prices…………….

Virgil Avenue Tobacconist  Where cigar lovers shop for cigars…

Happy New Year from Virgil Ave

The staff and management would like to wish everyone a Happy Healthy new year! Thanks to all our loyal customers for our best year ever! Because of you we are WNY’s #1 volume premium cigar retailer. We look forward to more growth and satisfied customers in 2017. Virgil avenue Tobacconist “Cigars for Charity” 2017 will be… Continue Reading

      New this week at WNY’s number 1 volume smoke shop. CAO Consigliere; The Soprano’s blend with new lower price point! CAO Amazon Basin; Extremely limited Tobacco is harvested every 3 years Old school Cuban fermentation makes this a unique blend and a must try. San Cristobal Quintessence; A new blend from Ashton. Built by Don… Continue Reading