Happy New Year

With the craziness of the holiday season just about over I have some time to reflect on all the good and bad things that made up 2017. We had a great year at the shop! Many new products for our customers to enjoy despite all the FDA nonsense. The ongoing legal battle to preserve our livelihood had many of us wondering what would become of the premium cigar industry? Seems the FDA still has no clear cut understanding of our products and the people who enjoy them. No new credible information has been provided by the FDA regarding what the final decision will be on regulating Premium cigars, Tobacco and Vapor products. The new head of the FDA stated that any new regulations will be based on solid scientific research. If this in fact is true what exactly will the evidence be based on. Nicotine content may be a determining factor based on its additive properties. Because Tobacco is an agricultural product each year the strength and quality changes with many different factors. Anyone who has grown a garden knows this. Some years you get great results and others not so much! Everyone in the industry looks forward to The FDA  establishing responsible guidelines. Guidelines that ensure  we will be able to continue in business and keep thousands of people employed. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a good result.

We celebrated our 10th annual Cigars for Charity event At The Seneca Niagara Hotel and Casino. This event has raised over one hundred thousand dollars for local charities over the years. The bad news is The Casino has established a NO smoking policy for the banquet room we always used for our event. Currently we have no other venues available. We are doing some research to see if there is another suitable location to host this event! Possibly move the event or have it later in the year when weather is not and issue. We will keep you posted.

We would like to wish all our loyal customers a Happy Healthy New Year! See you in 2018…..

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