Tax victory

Brick and Mortar Cigar shops across the state are all breathing a collective sigh of relief at the defeat of the purposed excise Tax increase on Cigars. Governor Como sought to increase the Tax amount  on cigars from the 28.5% to 75% for the next fiscal year. With little or no knowledge of the industry this seemed like a great way for the state to increase tax revenue. What the Governor failed to realize is that 66 % of cigars purchased happens on the Tax free internet sites. Also cigar smokers locally can purchase Tax free at the native American shops. The Governor’s actions would do little to increase state revenues while forcing New York State residents to search out cheaper alternatives. Punishing small business causing many closings and loss of jobs and less sales tax collected. We applaud the Senate & Legislators seeing the clear harm this increase would cause and defeat the proposal. Retailers will have a year to continue to educate our state representatives on what will help to grow our industry. Thanks to everyone that helped hard working NYS business’s overcome this Tax oppression

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